African Quality Assurance Centre: ARISE IIP Signs a Strategic Partnership with Afreximbank

ARISE IIP has partnered with Afreximbank to establish African Quality Assurance Centres (AQAC) in Benin and Gabon, announced at the Intra-African Trade Fair on November 11th. The collaboration focuses on elevating quality standards and ensuring compliance with international benchmarks through essential conformity assessment services.

This initiative aims to not only meet but surpass global market demands, strategically placing African products for economic growth and job creation. The partnership reinforces ARISE IIP’s role in Africa’s industrialization and is a significant step in enhancing quality assurance within the continent’s manufacturing sector.

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ARISE IIP and Afreximbank hope to establish a culture of excellence and dependability by incorporating AQACs into the production process, therefore securing Africa’s standing as a centre for high-quality manufacturing.

This partnership demonstrates a dedication to promoting investment, ensuring sustainable economic growth, and creating an atmosphere that is favourable for enterprises. As the collaboration develops, it has the potential to improve the manufacturing industry and put Africa in a competitive position worldwide.

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