Beyoncé becomes mayor of an American town

The American artist was honored by Santa Clara (California) for her “contribution to the economic vitality” of the city. She was named honorary mayor for the day, and received the keys to the city.

This Wednesday, August 30, Beyoncé visits the American city of Santa Clara as part of her Renaissance World Tour.

To mark the event, local officials decided to mark the occasion by naming the singer honorary mayor of the city.

In a statement, Santa Clara mayor Lisa M. Gillmor explained the unexpected gesture. “She is one of the most awarded artists in history, honoring us with a visit and contributing to the economic vitality of Santa Clara”.

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The Independent reports that Beyoncé’s agent, Yvette Noel-Schure, was on hand to receive the honorary title and the keys to the city.

“I’ve been working with Beyoncé for 27 years. And I’m filled with joy to see that she’s still being recognized for what she brings to music and to society in general. She works hard to perfect her craft, not only creating hits, but elevating her fans’ confidence and giving them a reason to get up in the morning,” she shared.

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