Beyonce rocks €1590 jeans with a groupie tee for the season’s coolest look

In the midst of her triumphant tour and after her stopover in France, Beyonce continues to shine on Instagram. In her latest post on the social network, the queen of pop sported an ultra-casual outfit that’s a welcome change from her stage looks. The centerpiece of her style? A super hip baggy costing over $1,500.

When she’s not on stage in a sequined dress and super-sexy bodysuit, Beyonce is just like the rest of us: she likes comfortable, casual clothes. The only difference is, of course, the price tag. Her long-time stylist KJ Moody has a knack for choosing the right pieces to embellish the pop star, even with simple looks. The latest is the one Beyonce posted on Instagram. In an ultra-large baggy, she racked up over 1.13 million likes just twelve hours after posting the shot. At 41, Beyonce certainly hasn’t given up on streetwear style!

With her Jay-Z t-shirt, Beyonce adopts a baggy Clothing at 1590 euros

1590 euros is the exact price of the baggy Clothes worn by Beyonce in her latest Instagram post. These casual denim pants are the hottest denim style of the moment. Thanks to their high waist, they perfectly emphasize Beyonce’s hourglass morphology, and their ultra-flared legs make them really cool. The label’s logo is embroidered in black on the basin of the faded denim. A veritable luxury brand adored by all it-girls, Vêtements is known for its exorbitant prices and for making streetwear very high-end. Being extremely long and wide, these baggy jeans can only be worn with maxi shoes. Beyonce seems to have opted for wedges.

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Still, Beyonce gives a nod to her husband Jay-Z with a super-cute groupie t-shirt that certainly cost a lot less than her baggy jeans. Her oversized top is stamped with a visual from the 2010 BP Tour. To be more flattering, the shirt has been tied over the belly and perfectly matches the singer’s casual look. For once, when Queen B’s style is easy to reproduce, even at such a low price, you might as well go for it!

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