“I loved that I was able to drink with my mom”: Britney Spears, unfiltered about her teenage years

In her memoirs, singer Britney Spears looks back on her teenage years and claims to have drunk alcohol with her mother Lynne Spears.

The revelations continue. While Britney Spears’ autobiographical book, “The Woman in Me”, is due for publication on October 24, the first pages are gradually being revealed in the press. In them, the 41-year-old singer opens up without taboos, determined to tell the truth. In particular, she talks about the reasons that led her to shave her head in 2007, her abortion while in a relationship with Justin Timberlake, and the thirteen years she spent under her father’s guardianship. And that’s not all, as the “Sometimes” singer also talks about her childhood memories with her mother Lynne Spears… with whom she drank alcohol as a teenager.

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“When I was in eighth grade, my mom and I would drive two hours from Kentwood to Biloxi, Mississippi, and when we were there, we’d drink daiquiris. We called our cocktails “toddies”. I loved being able to drink with my mother from time to time,” she writes in her memoirs, relayed by “People”. She goes on to talk about her father, Jamie Spears: “The way we drank was nothing like the way my father drank. When he drank, he became more and more depressed and withdrawn. We were happier, livelier and more adventurous.”

In her book, Britney Spears confides that adolescence was a happy period in her life. Revealed in the “Mickey Mouse Club”, at the time she had not yet unveiled the track “…Baby One More Time”, and was able to enjoy an almost normal childhood. “There was something beautifully normal about that period of my life: going to the prom, driving around our small town, going to the movies,” she recalls. Before adding, “But the truth is, I missed performing.”

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