Nigerian Michael Ogundare wins the Global Startup Awards for West Africa with Crop2Cash

Problems of funding and data accessibility are recurrent among rural farmers. Michael Ogundare’s Nigerian start-up Crop2Cash is tackling the problem.

Michael Ogundare (pictured) is a computer scientist who graduated from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria with a Bachelor’s degree in 2017. The Crop2Cash company, of which he is founder and CEO, won the Global Startup Awards for West Africa on June 27. This makes it the best agritech start-up in the region and a serious contender for the same title on a continental scale.

Founded in 2018, Crop2Cash is a start-up that aims to enable small-scale farmers in rural Nigeria to receive digital payments and develop their financial identity.

It provides banks and lenders with a platform that enables them to assess groups of small-scale farmers in need of credit on the basis of data supplied by the farmers, to finance them directly and to monitor credit utilization. It also creates tools for agro-processors, facilitating activities such as weighing, quality control, extension services, etc.

A member of PremiaBN, an exclusive network of private members that focuses on connections and promoting leadership, accelerating collaboration and meaningful engagement among Africans and the diaspora, Michael Ogundare is also the founder, in 2014, and a mobile app developer of Simplex Squad, an IT company.

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Aside from the companies he founded, the entrepreneur worked as a software engineer for CloudWare Technologies, a technology service provider, in 2015, and Shopping Internet Services Nigeria from 2016 to 2017. The latter is a company that offers a white-label technology platform that helps businesses connect with customers looking for quality products at great prices.

Michael Ogundare was named Best Agricultural Technology Innovator in Nigeria at the Agrinovation 2019 conference. An Acumen West Africa Fellow in 2021 and selected in the same year to benefit from the Google Black Founders Fund, he has been a mentor with the Google for Startups gas pedal since March 2023.

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