Miley Cyrus and Beyoncé’s Friendship

During an interview with W Magazine, the “Flowers” star delved into her initial Grammy victory, her perspective on motherhood, and her connection with Beyoncé. What exactly characterizes the bond between these two musical icons?

Miley Cyrus is presently dominating the Billboard Hot 100 with her duet “II Most Wanted” featured on Beyoncé’s album, “Cowboy Carter”. In a recent interview, the Hannah Montana actress shares insights into her bond with the artist affectionately known as Queen B. Beyond their stage collaborations, their partnership off-camera is equally strong.

Singing with Queen B at 14

“We performed together when I was very young, probably 14, at the Stand Up to Cancer charity event,” Miley Cyrus recalls when she was still only a teenager, before adding, “I was sandwiched between Beyoncé and Rihanna, who were, you know, 6’2” and wearing heels. Their hips were up to my shoulders. They were powerful, blossoming adult women, and I’m pretty sure I had braces behind my teeth.”

“That Christmas, Beyoncé sent me a House of Deréon jacket that said ‘Miley’ on the back with gold studs, which I prefer, and jeans with my name on them. In one of my songs, ‘Cattitude’, I sing, ‘And for my 16th birthday, I got Deréon straight from the Queen’s house’,” Miley recalls for W Magazine.

A Women’s Story

Since then, the two superstars have become very close, especially as they share one thing in common: their mothers are an integral part of their careers. “One of the things we text each other about is our relationships with our mothers. Like her mother, Mrs. Tina, my mother is also a TM: Mama Tish,” she confides. Today, Queen B and Miley seem to have a very strong bond.

Beyond their intimate relationship, Miley Cyrus is also a great admirer of the “Cowboy Carter” singer. “Getting to write a song, and not just sing, for Beyoncé was a dream come true,” she assures.

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