A friend of Bruce Willis confides that the actor no longer speaks and has lost his joie de vivre

A friend of Bruce Willis provides news about the American actor’s health.

The actor who starred in “Sixth Sense” is suffering from an incurable form of dementia. Fronto-temporal degeneration (FTD) is a neurodegenerative disease, related to Alzheimer’s disease.

For the New York Post, director and friend of Bruce Willis, Glenn Gordon, offers some less than reassuring news about the actor’s health: “As Bruce’s pathology is progressive, I was fortunately able to communicate with him before the disease made him less communicative.”

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The director goes even further, pointing out that Bruce Willis is losing his joie de vivre: “In the past, when you spent time with him, you realized that nobody had more joie de vivre than he did. He loved life and waking up every morning. Today, his joie de vivre seems to have disappeared.”

Glenn Gordon shows his support by regularly visiting his friend: “I try, as best I can, to stay in his life. I’m also in contact with his wife (Emma Heming Willis, ed.) and sometimes with his children. He’s an extraordinary person.”

He concludes, “I often feel that after one or three minutes, he finally remembers who I am (…) Despite his illness, Bruce remains Bruce.”

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