At UFC 287, Israel Adesanya defeats Alex Pereira by a knockout to win the middleweight championship

The wait for Israel Adesanya to regain his middleweight title was shorter than expected. In a thrilling showdown at the Kaseya Center in Miami, Florida, The Last Stylebender secured victory by knocking out Alex Pereira in the second round of UFC 287.

The initial round of the fight had a slow start, making it challenging to determine a clear winner. Adesanya managed to land a few sporadic punches, but there were no significant strikes to note. Pereira took the initiative in the match with three successful low kicks.

However, the fight abruptly and decisively concluded with Adesanya delivering a spectacular knockout, following which Pereira was pushed against the cage:

The victory must have been a tremendous relief for Adesanya. Pereira has been a persistent adversary in his martial arts journey. Back when they were kickboxers, these two fighters faced off twice, and Pereira came out on top in both of those encounters.

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Adesanya’s victory was essential after Pereira’s initial win in the Octagon.

The question now revolves around what the champion’s next move will be. Only five months have passed since their last encounter, and there doesn’t seem to be an immediate desire for a quick rematch.

At the UFC 287 weigh-ins, Adesanya emphasized that the rematch held significant importance and was a one-time event.

Considering the uneven record between the two fighters in the Octagon, it might be wise to let this rivalry simmer down for a while. Both fighters could benefit from facing new opponents before reigniting their rivalry, especially given that their previous two fights occurred in quick succession.

Considering their history and Adesanya’s dominance in the middleweight division, it’s plausible that a fifth showdown will eventually take place soon.

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