Beyoncé and Jay-Z: after Paris, the couple take a romantic trip to Italy

In the midst of her Renaissance World Tour, Beyoncé is currently in Europe until the end of June. An opportunity to enjoy her last moments in Italy with Jay-Z.

June 28 marks the last concert of Beyoncé’s European tour. She will perform in Warsaw, Poland, before returning to the Americas to continue her “Renaissance World Tour” in Canada and the United States until the end of September.

In between dates, the singer took a break from the road by heading to Italy’s sublime Lake Como alongside her husband, rapper Jay-Z, and a few of the couple’s friends. Photos were shared by the American press, showing the couple strolling around the lake and enjoying various activities. While Beyoncé spent time at the luxurious resort, her husband was seen playing basketball and exploring the lake on board a boat.

End Of European Tour

The singer who made history at the recent Grammy Awards is about to bring her highly successful European tour to a close. On world tour since May 10, Beyoncé has exceeded the expectations of her fans, who have seen her wear a succession of outfits on stage, signed by the most prestigious fashion houses.

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The presence of her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, among her troupe of dancers, also caused a sensation. Indeed, having become the center of attention, fans at concerts in Germany mobilized to buy blue balloons and wave them in the air to cheer her on. But the Queen-B phenomenon hit much harder during her European tour, to the point of causing inflation of 0.2 points in Sweden due to the singer’s two sold-out concerts, which brought in large numbers of tourists, causing hotel and restaurant prices to rise sharply.

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