Beyoncé concert postponed due to storm, singer pays to extend metro traffic

Beyoncé continues her Renaissance World Tour and was in Washington DC this Sunday, August 6. But her concert did not go as planned due to bad weather conditions: there was a delay of more than two hours because of lightning that struck the whole city.

As a result, public transport should have been closed by the time the show ended. So to take care of her fans, some of whom had come from very far away, the singer decided to pay $100,000 herself to extend the transport service. In other words, the subways and trains ran longer than planned to ensure the return of the public.

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98 stations remained open

“After the show ended, Beyoncé graciously stepped in to offer her fans an extra hour of train service to make sure concertgoers got home safely,” ABC News reported. So that’s how 98 stations stayed open – just for the exit – in and around the capital for an extra hour.

The interpreter of the 2000s song ‘Crazy in Love’, on tour for her new album Renaissance, released in July 2022, is making a name for herself not only for her musical talents.

Her impact is such that Sweden – where the artist launched this tour on May 10 – has seen a rebound in inflation in the country. A huge number of Beyoncé fans travelled to Stockholm to see her, driving up the price of hotels, restaurants and even leisure facilities. Beyoncé launched her Renaissance World Tour in Europe and will close it in the United States on October 1 in Kansas City, Missouri.

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