Cardi B’s Whipshots have sold over two million cans

Cardi B’s vodka-infused whipped cream product, Whipshots, has achieved impressive sales, totaling two million cans, and has ambitious plans for further expansion in the United States.

Whipshots, a collaborative effort between Cardi B and the brand consulting firm Starco Brands, was initially announced in September 2021 and officially launched in December of the same year. Since its debut, it has successfully sold over two million cans.

In just ten months after its introduction, Whipshots managed to sell one million units, showcasing its rapid popularity.

In a recent disclosure made in January of this year, it was revealed that the brand achieved sales of 61,788 cases in the fourth quarter of 2022 and is determined to pursue an aggressive expansion strategy throughout the United States.

Cardi B expressed her excitement about this achievement, stating, “We just went double platinum. We’re not playing around when we say Whipshots is the best. Boozy and beautiful since day one, and two million cans later, there is no slowing us down. I love the fans supporting our brand – let’s keep this party going.”

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The brand is presently in the process of expanding its reach into various regions including Delaware, Georgia, New Jersey, and Tennessee within the United States. Currently, it is already accessible in 26 diverse markets nationwide.

Furthermore, Whipshots has formed partnerships with several prominent retailers, including Meijer, Albertsons, Walmart, Vons, Rouses, Woodman’s, and Giant Eagle, to distribute its products.

Ross Sklar, CEO of Starco Brands, remarked on the remarkable demand for Whipshots across the United States, emphasizing the brand’s exceptional product and its strong collaborations with top-tier retail partners as key factors in its success.

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