Edward Enninful: Speculation Surrounds Departure of British Vogue’s First Black Editor

The reasons behind Edward Enninful’s departure from his role as editor-in-chief at British Vogue may forever remain a mystery. Enninful, a Ghanaian-British journalist who made history as the first male and first Black person to hold the position in 2017, will be transitioning into the role of global creative and cultural advisor of Vogue at Conde Nast.

In an internal memo addressed to his team, Enninful announced that in 2024, he will assume the role of an “editorial advisor” at British Vogue while also taking on the responsibilities of global creative and cultural advisor for Vogue. He expressed his enthusiasm for this new chapter and his dedication to contributing to the creative and cultural success of the Vogue brand worldwide ( Vogue France, Vogue Spain, Vogue Italia and Vogue Germany etc. as they report to him). He can now have the freedom to pursue for broader creative projects.

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Enninful acknowledged that currently, everything remains the same, and he expressed gratitude to Roger Lynch and Anna Wintour for their ongoing support. However, rumors have circulated suggesting a potential feud between Enninful and Anna Wintour, the renowned editor-in-chief of American Vogue, as a possible explanation for his departure.

Speculation intensified when Wintour recently announced that the second annual Vogue World event would take place in London, just before London Fashion Week. Sources indicate that this decision may have caused frustration for Enninful, as London is considered his domain. Despite the transition, Enninful will continue to report to Wintour in his new position.

Edward Enninful’s efforts to promote diversity within British Vogue were groundbreaking. He took significant steps to ensure inclusivity by making the magazine accessible in braille, featuring Laverne Cox as the first transgender cover star, and appointing the first Black male photographer to shoot a cover in the magazine’s 107-year history. These milestones marked important progress in embracing diversity and representation within the publication.

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