July 7 Declared as ‘Davido Day’ by US City

The City of Houston in the United States has officially declared July 7 as “Davido Day” in order to celebrate and honor the remarkable achievements of the popular afrobeats star, Davido. This recognition is a testament to Davido’s significant contributions to the music industry and his recent electrifying sold-out performance at the Toyota Center in Houston. The proclamation was made by Sylvester Turner, the Mayor of Houston, through an official statement released in Houston, Texas.

Mayor Sylvester Turner, in his declaration, officially proclaims July 7, 2023, as Davido Day, recognizing the chance to celebrate Davido’s exceptional artistic talent, his influence as a cultural ambassador, and the immense happiness he has brought to numerous fans globally.

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With the establishment of “Davido Day” on the city’s calendar, Houston now joins the global community in paying tribute to this acclaimed musician, solidifying his status as a true musical icon. It is a testament to Davido’s widespread admiration and serves as a well-deserved honor for his achievements.

Davido himself shared a copy of the official statement on his Instastory, expressing his gratitude for the recognition and celebration bestowed upon him.

This honor bestowed upon Davido by the City of Houston is reminiscent of a similar tribute given to Wizkid years ago. Wizkid had made history as the first African artist to sell out the Skyway Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. In acknowledgment of this milestone, former Governor Mark Dayton declared October 6 as Wizkid Day.

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