LeBron James establishes a job training facility for ‘I Promise’ School’s students and their families

As reported by AfroTech, the LeBron James Family Foundation has expanded its support services for the students and families associated with the “I Promise” school. They’ve recently introduced a new career training facility called “House Three Thirty,” which is named after Akron’s area code.

Back in 2018, LeBron James also known as the ‘King’ inaugurated the school, and it has since experienced significant growth in its offerings. These include providing free college tuition for graduates, offering transitional housing for students and their families, and the upcoming “I Promise HealthQuarters,” a state-of-the-art medical, dental, optometry, and mental health facility slated to open in 2024, benefiting both “I Promise” students and the broader Akron community.

The latest initiative, House Three Thirty, aims to address employment challenges faced by students and families. It serves as a central hub for job training while also functioning as a retail space, dining area, and venue for various events.

Aerial view of House Three Thirty
Aerial view of House Three Thirty

“House Three Thirty will offer what we’ve learned our families need. It will be a hub for hands-on job training for some of the most skilled yet underrepresented workers in our community – giving them essential experience they can parlay into even bigger career opportunities. It will be an accessible one-stop-shop for our families’ and our community’s financial health needs so they may take control of their financial futures. It will be a gathering space for the important conversations needed to move our community and country forward,” according to a statement shared on the website.

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Starbucks has partnered with House Three Thirty to establish a Starbucks Community Store right on the school’s campus. This collaboration aims to provide training and employment opportunities for both students and their families. Additionally, JPMorgan Chase has committed to working together by offering financial resources and conducting workshops. This strategic location near the school helps address traffic concerns, making it more convenient for everyone involved. The ultimate objective is to empower students and families by equipping them with the skills and opportunities needed to build successful careers.

Within House Three Thirty, you can expect to find a variety of amenities, including a sports bar, museum, ballroom, cigar room, ice cream parlor, and pizza place. These retail spaces will also serve as venues for management training, and it is anticipated that this model will set an example for educational communities nationwide.

As per Spectrum News 1, mDesign, a digital design, retail, and home décor company, took charge of creating the entire house, which was officially unveiled on March 30th, celebrated as Akron’s 330 Day. The workforce training center at House Three Thirty also offers additional services such as a barbershop, beauty salon, and laundry facility. Further details will be provided in due course, but this multifunctional center stands as a symbol of hope for Akron residents and reflects LeBron James’ commitment to revitalizing his hometown one step at a time.

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