LeBron James: “We just suck right now”

LeBron James would like us to forget the Lakers’ victory in the NBA Tournament in Las Vegas, and for him, his team simply isn’t up to scratch

After skipping the press after losing to the Heat, LeBron James agreed to talk to reporters in the Lakers dressing room. Obviously in a bad mood after the Lakers’ 4th straight defeat, the NBA’s all-time leading scorer made no excuses for his current poor form.

“We just suck right now,” he says, in a near-perfect imitation of Anthony Edwards. He even told Austin Reaves that Bronny could “easily” be playing for the Lakers right now…

On a more serious note, LeBron James would like everyone to forget this NBA tournament, which was won by the Lakers. “But it was only two games. It’s a small sample,” he insists. “Everyone gets excited about Las Vegas, and you keep talking about Vegas. It was just two games. We did what we had to do… but it was really just two matches.”

Three wins in 13 matches

Since that victory in the first In-Season Tournament, the Lakers have played 13 games and lost ten! Of their three victories over this period, two have come against the Hornets and Spurs… Against the Grizzlies, restlessness is costly. So was the absence of a playmaker.

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“We had some good positions, but we were losing balls. I lost two important ones, I missed four shots, but we had our chances…” points out LeBron James in this duel of low-ranked teams.

For the time being, the Lakers winger insists he has no real explanation for the current poor run of form.

“We had a game plan, we executed it, and I even thought we executed it as well as we could,” he replies. A game plan applied by the players, but which isn’t working. All the more pressure on Darvin Ham’s broad shoulders. As of Saturday morning, the Lakers are 11th in the Western Conference with a negative record (17v-19d). Virtually, they’re not even in a play-in position…

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