Massive rebound for Paul Pogba

Initially banned for four years Paul Pogba may return to the pitch sooner than anticipated.

Paul Pogba, who tested positive for testosterone, will be banned from any football-related activity for four years. The French international can still expect a more forgiving resolution to his case, though.

Paul Pogba’s setbacks

Paul Pogba’s problems are never-ending. Plagued by physical ailments and extra-sporting problems for several years, the Frenchman tested positive for testosterone after undergoing a drug test. The second test, requested by the former Manchester United midfielder, was also positive. While the outcome of the case now depends on the National Anti-Doping Tribunal, the public prosecutor has requested a four-year suspension for the Juventus player. On the other hand, Paul Pogba may not need so much time to make a comeback.

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A way out for Pogba

His defence could save Paul Pogba. Journalist Melisandre Gomez claims that if La Pioche relies on his defence, he may be able to secure a less sentence. “As soon as his test result was positive, he had two options. … Reaching a consensus with the courts would require acknowledging culpability in some way, which would include consenting to a suspension that would have been shorter than the four years or even the two years in question. However, you are unable to appeal this sentence,” Melisandre Gomez stated on L’Equipe.

Will Paul Pogba be back soon?

According to the journalist, Paul Pogba and his lawyers already had a plan. That’s why they preferred to go to trial. “If he has refused to come to an agreement with the courts, or in any case if his entourage and advisors have chosen to go to trial, it’s undoubtedly because they have a line of defense they believe in. And indeed, there is jurisprudence that says that players can end up getting six months, nine months, twelve months. He will plead non-intentionality, which already reduces the sentence to two years if his arguments are accepted. He can also plead that he didn’t do it during a competition period, and therefore it wasn’t part of his sporting activities. Let alone on purpose. In that case, the penalty could be reduced to a few months”, adds Melisandre Gomez.

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