Rihanna: Her gorgeous red cargo suit for the Super Bowl is now available

But be warned: it probably won’t fit you as well as it will her, and you probably won’t be able to buy it without breaking the bank.

Rihanna, the indestructible fashion icon. Last February, the Barbadian singer gave one of the most breathtaking performances of the Super Bowl half-time show. During her live performance (which attracted a higher peak audience than the game itself), she revealed a round belly, announcing her pregnancy and the birth of her child, Riot. Her outfit at the time of this revelation? A fiery red LOEWE cargo suit, “inspired by airplane pilot gear”.

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Finally, the common man can acquire this little fashion gem… for 2,200 euros. This cotton jumpsuit, made of zips and straps, has been designed for the general public in two colors: the iconic poppy red worn by Rihanna, or jet black. So yes, you’ll have to break your breaking the bank to buy it. And no, it obviously won’t look as good on you as it does on our queen Riri. But we’re happy anyway, if it means we can get our hands on her divine style… Please note that this piece, on sale exclusively on the LOEWE website and in LOEWE boutiques, in a limited edition. So hurry up and call your banker.

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