The L3 Agency: Empowering Black Women in Leadership

CHICAGO: After spending ten years working in media relations, advertising, and marketing firms, this Black businesswoman decided to establish her own comprehensive influencer marketing and communications company.

Larvetta Loftin, the founder of The L3 Agency, aimed to create a platform where women of color could share their stories and receive recognition. She launched her firm almost two decades ago, driven by the desire to break free from the limitations and underappreciation she experienced in the corporate world.

Her vision was to design a space that aligned with her way of communication and creativity, and she wanted to empower young creatives and women, ensuring their voices were heard and supported.

As a brand marketing strategist, she takes a community- and female-centric approach to serve her clients. The agency distinguishes itself by delivering culturally sensitive and relevant content, giving them a competitive advantage.

Over the years, Loftin and her team have built an impressive roster of Fortune 500 clients, including Verizon, Bacardi, Toyota, McDonald’s, and CVS Pharmacy. They have successfully executed marketing and branding campaigns for various entities, such as municipalities, energy companies, non-profits, and small businesses.

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Beyond her agency, Larvetta Loftin is passionate about technology and has ventured into the world of podcasting. She launched a weekly podcast series called “Black Businesses Matter,” serving as an inspirational platform for minority business owners to discuss their entrepreneurial journey’s challenges and triumphs. In the podcast, Loftin shares valuable insights on how minority business owners can grow their ventures.

Looking to the future, the CEO of The L3 Agency is already planning new expansions. She intends to merge podcasting with pop-up events, extending her live events and activations throughout the United States. She envisions the podcast series evolving into a docuseries, further broadening its reach and impact.

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