Unbelievable! 13-Year-Old Elijah Muhammad Shatters Records as Youngest Black Genius to Master College Degree in Computer Science and Cybersecurity

Elijah Muhammad, at the age of 13, stands out as an extraordinary individual with an impressive collection of four degrees, setting him apart from the average teenager.

According to a report from Louisiana’s WAFB 9, he has achieved the remarkable feat of becoming the youngest African American individual to successfully complete a college education with a specialization in computer science and cybersecurity.

Creating a historic milestone

Muhammad proudly shared with KOCO 5 News, an Oklahoma-based station, that he holds an impressive array of credentials including ten IBM certifications, one Google IT certification, and four diplomas from Oklahoma City Community College.

Furthermore, Muhammad revealed that it was a conversation with his father that truly made him grasp the magnitude of his achievements. Initially, he did not fully comprehend the significance of his accomplishments, but his father’s explanation made him realize that he was truly making history as the youngest person to achieve such feats.

Continuing to prioritize childhood amidst accomplishments

Despite his dedication to education, Muhammad remains committed to enjoying his childhood and cherishing those precious moments.

“As many accomplishments as I have, I still go swimming, go outside, play basketball, and still have fun,” he stated.

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Moreover, Muhammad is not the sole individual in his family who is surpassing expectations and achieving great success.

According to the source, Muhammad’s older sister also accomplished the extraordinary feat of graduating from college at a young age of 15

A Family filled with brilliant minds

And the achievements don’t stop there. Rashay Khadeja Muhammad, another one of his sisters, has utilized social media platforms to highlight their family’s remarkable accomplishments. These include their mother’s profession as a doctor, Rashay herself graduating from a historically Black college or university (HBCU), and their father being the guiding force behind their endeavors, ensuring they accomplish it all without incurring any debts, as she stated.

Expressing her immense pride, Rashay shared a heartfelt post on Instagram celebrating Elijah Muhammad’s graduation. “Super proud of my little brother,” She wrote. She expressed gratitude towards their incredible mother for giving birth to an extraordinary individual and acknowledged their father as the visionary behind their family’s success.

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