Blavity Inc. Takes Over RNB House Party, Renames It as Blavity House Party

Blavity Inc., a prominent player in the media and entertainment sector, has recently unveiled its latest acquisition – the renowned Black-owned family business, RNB House Party. Under the rebranded identity of Blavity House Party, this strategic move is poised to bolster Blavity’s commitment to enhancing its experiential offerings, introducing innovative sponsorship opportunities, and expanding its foothold in the experiential business landscape.

RNB House Party has earned a reputation for its dynamic productions and widely acclaimed traveling day party events held across the nation. What makes this acquisition particularly intriguing is the seamless alignment of RNB House Party’s brand with Blavity Inc.’s overarching strategy to provide unique, in-person experiences to its rapidly growing young consumer demographic.

One of the most exciting prospects arising from this acquisition is the collaborative effort between RNB House Party (now operating as Blavity House Party) and Blavity Media Group to inaugurate Blavity Media Group’s inaugural music festival in 2024. This signals an ambitious venture into the realm of music festivals and a bold expansion of Blavity’s experiential endeavors.

The founder of RNB House Party, Charles Kuykendoll, will play a pivotal role in this new chapter. He will join the company as the General Manager of Community at Blavity Inc., ensuring that the essence and community spirit of RNB House Party are seamlessly integrated into Blavity’s existing ecosystem.

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Blavity Inc. has an impressive lineup of events on the horizon, demonstrating their commitment to engaging with their audience in innovative ways. These include the highly anticipated Blavity Grammy’s House Party, All-Star Weekend, and an HBCU Homecoming House Party.

Mike Hadgis, Chief Revenue Officer at Blavity Inc., expressed his excitement regarding the acquisition, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome RNB House Party into the Blavity Media Group family. This acquisition expands our experiential portfolio and aligns with our dedication to fostering authentic connections within the community.”

Morgan DeBaun, the visionary founder and CEO of Blavity Inc., further emphasized the significance of this move, stating, “We are entering a new phase of growth and innovation within our Blavity Media Group division. The acquisition of RNB House Party marks a pivotal step in our journey to provide impactful experiences and leverage the scale of our reach to bring our audience together in person”.

Blavity Inc.’s acquisition of RNB House Party, now known as Blavity House Party, is a testament to the company’s commitment to evolving and diversifying its offerings. This strategic move aligns with their mission to provide unique experiences and build authentic connections within their community. As they embark on this exciting journey, the future looks promising for Blavity Inc. and its ever-expanding portfolio of immersive and engaging events.

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