Rihanna: The Original Name of her Second Child Revealed

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have recently celebrated the arrival of their second son. The name of their newborn has now come to light, and it’s just as unique as their first child!

In early August, A$AP Rocky and Rihanna welcomed their second child, adding to their family alongside their 16-month-old son, RZA. While the proud parents haven’t made any official announcements about their new baby, his first name has been unveiled. The birth certificate, obtained by The Blast news site, discloses that their latest addition also bears an original first name.

What is the first name of Rihanna’s second child?

Thanks to the birth certificate, the site can confirm that Rihanna gave birth on August 1, 2023 at the maternity ward of Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles (Rihanna). Above all, it tells us that the baby boy has been given the name Riot Rose. His name, which means “riot”, was certainly not chosen at random, and some of A$AP Rocky’s most assiduous fans could have guessed it. Indeed, last July, the rapper released a track entitled “Riot”, a duet with Pharell Williams! Did the parents decide to name their son after the song, or did the artist release this track knowing that his little boy would bear this name? There’s no way of knowing, but it’s quite a coincidence all the same.

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‘R’ names for Rihanna’s children

The names of Rihanna’s children have several things in common. Their originality, of course, but also the fact that they have a link with music, which is hardly surprising given that both their parents are singers. The eldest is named after RZA, rapper and member of the Wu Tang Clan. It’s also impossible not to notice that both their first names begin with an R… Like their famous mother’s first name. A fine transmission on her part!

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