Les Twins protect Beyoncé from fan projectile

Laurent and Larry Bourgeois, better known by their stage name Les Twins, recently showed their courage by intervening when a fan threw an object at Beyoncé during a concert on her Renaissance World Tour.

This trend seems to be spreading at major stars’ shows in recent months, consisting of throwing objects onto the stage mid-concert. Similar incidents have affected artists such as Harry Styles, who was hit in the eye by an object, Bebe Rexha, victim of a similar incident over her eye, rising pop sensation Ava Max, as well as Cardi B, Taylor Swift, Drake, and recently, R&B queen Beyoncé.

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According to a video taken by a viewer and shared online, the former Revolution masters immediately rushed to the person who threw the object. One of them quickly removed the object from the scene and briefly confronted the fan before walking away.

The content of the conversation between one of the Alien Superstar singer’s long-time dancers and the thrower is unclear, but according to several witnesses, the situation could have escalated, as one of the Twins members seemed extremely angry.

As for the object in question, it appears to be a sweater, although this speculation has yet to be confirmed.

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