Lupita Nyong’o hints at being cheated on

The actress announced her breakup on Instagram, writing that she wanted to publicly disassociate herself from someone she can no longer trust.

As a rule, when celebrities announce their break-up, they say that they’re still friends with their ex, that there’ll always be lots of love and that everything’s fine. This may not be the truth, but it’s more popular with the public. Lupita Nyong’o, for her part, is going through a difficult separation, and the heroine of “Black Panther” has decided not to let on that all is well.

On October 19, 2023, the 40-year-old Mexican-Kenyan actress shared a lengthy message on Instagram, in which she clearly hinted that her now ex, entertainer, had cheated on her. “I need to share a personal truth and publicly disassociate myself from someone I can no longer trust,” she began. “I find myself in a season of heartbreak because of a love suddenly and devastatingly extinguished by deception”.

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The woman who was in love with Leonardo DiCaprio as a teenager added that she had wanted to hide, but realized that the extent of the pain she felt was the measure of her capacity to love. “So, I am choosing to face the pain, cultivating the courage to meet my life exactly as it is, and trusting that this too shall pass.,” she concluded.

The actress and host had confirmed their relationship in December 2022, on Instagram, posting a video showing them trying on various matching outfits. At the time, Masekela wrote: “Hearts are in sync. My love whole and real”. The images are no longer visible on their respective accounts.

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