Unlocking Economic Potential: How the African Diaspora Can Leverage ARISE IIP for Manufacturing Investments in Africa

As African countries embark on the journey of industrial expansion and economic change, Arise IIP (Industrialization and Infrastructure Program) stands as on of the main actor for continent industrialization. It is capitalizing on industrial gaps to foster local value addition and sustainable economic development. But what makes Arise IIP different is its commitment to partnerships and inclusivity, and one group that can take advantage of this opportunity is the African diaspora.

Arise IIP: A Catalyst for Industrialization in Africa

Arise IIP is a program that prioritizes industrialization, economic development, and the creation of new industries in African countries. Its strategy involves working closely with governments and investors to execute large-scale projects aimed at transforming local value chains. By creating tailor-made special economic zones in nations like Gabon, Benin, and Togo, Arise IIP seeks to enhance exports, facilitate the local transformation of raw materials, and boost trade. Importantly, the initiative aligns its actions with local public policies and development strategies to ensure a sustainable and mutually beneficial approach.

The Role of the African Diaspora

The African diaspora, a global community with deep connections to the continent, holds enormous potential to contribute to Africa’s economic growth and industrial development. Many members of the diaspora have valuable skills, expertise, and resources that can be harnessed for the benefit of their countries of origin. Arise IIP recognizes this potential and provides a unique opportunity for the diaspora to invest in manufacturing and related sectors.

Leveraging Arise IIP Facilities

The manufacturing sector offers numerous opportunities for investment. As Arise IIP focuses on creating specialized economic zones dedicated to industrial growth, the African diaspora can leverage these facilities in several ways:

Investment in Industrial Ventures: Members of the diaspora can invest in or establish manufacturing businesses within Arise IIP’s special economic zones such as PIA TOGO, GSEZ GABON etc… These zones offer a conducive environment for industrial activities, complete with infrastructure, logistics support, and access to local and international markets.

Technology Transfer: Those in the diaspora with technical expertise can engage in technology transfer initiatives. By partnering with local enterprises or establishing technology-focused ventures, they can help introduce innovative solutions to enhance the productivity and efficiency of manufacturing processes.


Skills and Knowledge Exchange: The African diaspora is a valuable source of knowledge and experience. Collaborative efforts between members of the diaspora and local communities can lead to skills development and knowledge transfer, enriching the labour force and fostering the growth of manufacturing industries.

Workers of a Manufacturing Unit Established in one of the Special Economic Zones of ARISE IIP.

Access to Investment Networks: The diaspora often has access to international networks and financial resources. This can be instrumental in securing investments, fostering partnerships, and accessing funding for manufacturing projects.

Promoting Sustainability: Arise IIP’s emphasis on environmentally sustainable industrialization aligns with the global trend toward green and clean manufacturing. Members of the diaspora can contribute to sustainable manufacturing practices by investing in eco-friendly technologies and initiatives.

By leveraging the infrastructures, facilities, opportunities, and partnerships offered by Arise IIP, members of the diaspora can play a vital role in driving manufacturing investment, contributing to economic growth, and fostering sustainable development across the African continent. In doing so, they can bridge the gap between the African diaspora and their ancestral homelands, fostering prosperity and progress for all.

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