MVP of the night, LeBron James sets a new career record

NBA – Even at 39, the Lakers star can still push his limits. With the double-prolongation win in Golden State, the “King”, in triple-double, broke his rebounding record.

Anthony Davis in the locker room and the Warriors leading by fifteen points: things were looking bleak midway through the third quarter for LeBron James and the Lakers. But the Los Angeles star carried his team to a 14-0 run and back into the game.

The game in Golden State then went into overtime, and then into another, ending after 58 minutes of play. On one side, a 46-point Stephen Curry. On the other, LeBron James with 36 points, 20 rebounds and 12 assists. As in the mid-2010s, during the Warriors-Cavaliers Finals.

“It’s something I’ll be able to tell my grandchildren: I played against one of the best players in history,” comments the “King” in reference to the Golden State point guard.

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And Stephen Curry will be able to say the same thing, as it was LeBron James who had the last word in this match, scoring 12 points in both overtimes, including the two free throws that gave Los Angeles victory, in response to the 2022 Finals MVP’s award-winning basket.

This was his 110th triple-double, and his 20 catches were a new career personal best, at just over 39 years of age.

“I tried to control myself already, as a basketball fan,” reacted Darvin Ham, admiring his All-Star’s performance during the extra minutes. “The NBA must be happy, it was a hell of a basketball game, high level. With two legends going blow for blow, and two great franchises.”

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