Premier League: Jay-Z Prepares A Bid To Buy Tottenham

The famous rapper and producer Jay-Z is considering becoming a shareholder in Tottenham. The artist is said to be preparing a bid with other investors if the English club is put up for sale by its current owner.

Business is business, and Joe Lewis’ legal troubles could well benefit Jay-Z. The current owner of Tottenham is facing legal action in the US, and the rapper would like to relieve him of his investment in the Premier League.

According to the Daily Express US, Beyoncé’s husband would like to buy Spurs if Joe Lewis is found guilty of the charges against him in the US. Aged 53, and with his main experience in the world of soccer as a player agent, Jay-Z would land in the Premier League thanks to the support of a group of several investors.

Jay-Z heads a fortune of over two billion euros

Once a shareholder in the Brooklyn Nets NBA franchise, Jay-Z has also sought to gain a foothold in soccer, and at one point set his sights on Arsenal. A fan of the Gunners version of Thierry Henry, the artist was ultimately unsuccessful in his bid to become an investor, and may now try his luck at the rival club. However, the sale of Tottenham remains only a hypothesis.

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Firstly, while Jay-Z is currently the richest rapper in the world, with a fortune estimated by Forbes at around 2.3 billion euros, the English club is valued at 2.5 billion euros. Consequently, this would represent a major financial commitment for him. An investment he will have to share with several partners.

Tottenham not for sale

Secondly, and importantly, Joe Lewis is not (for the moment) a seller. The 86-year-old businessman, who has been investigated by the US justice system on suspicion of financial malpractice, including insider trading between 2013 and 2021, denies the charges, which could land him behind bars for several years or a huge fine.

Not yet found guilty by the court, Joe Lewis has no need to sell Spurs for the time being. And even if he is convicted, nothing could force him to part company with the club presided over by Daniel Levy. After missing out on an opportunity with Arsenal, Jay-Z will have to be convincing to buy Tottenham. Otherwise, the musician could well miss the boat.

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