Ten Lifestyle gets a boost from Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour

In a bid to maintain their customer base, anxious banks are offering more perks than previously, such as coveted tickets to the upcoming Beyonce’s concert.

Alex Cheatle, the proprietor of the high-end concierge company Ten Lifestyle, sees the potential for bank runs as a chance rather than a threat to his business. He shared with the DailyMail that banks are entering into larger and extended agreements with his company.

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Cheatle, who established Ten alongside his half-brother Andrew Long back in 1998, asserted that on average, banks were increasing their yearly expenditure by 20% for customer perks.

Ten collaborates with banks and influential individuals in urban centers, arranging a variety of services, ranging from complimentary room upgrades in prominent London hotels to securing the finest tables at restaurants with Michelin stars.

Cheatle mentioned that tickets for Beyonce’s concerts are presently the most favored incentive among the banks.

For the six-month period concluding on February 28, Ten foresees a net profit of approximately £30 million, marking a 49% rise.

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