The Jamie Foxx mystery: the actor finally reappears after his health accident on set

Three months after being rushed to hospital while filming “Back in Action” in Atlanta, American actor Jamie Foxx reappeared on Sunday aboard a large boat on the Chicago River. In an amateur video published by TMZ, he can be seen waving to cheering fans as he passes, clearly delighted. His appearance was accompanied by a tweet promoting his brand of bourbon. The next day, the same site showed him playing golf in the region…

“He’s taking it easy,” says one of his close friends, interviewed by People. “He doesn’t really get visitors or anything. But he’s doing very well.” This contrasts with the panic caused by the alarming rumours that circulated at the beginning of May, when several media outlets claimed that his family was at his bedside, “expecting the worst” following a medical complication.

Corinne Foxx, his eldest daughter, issued a radical and unusual denial, claiming on Instagram that not only had her father been out of hospital for several weeks. But that the day before, he had been playing “pickleball” in his garden, a racquet sport very much in vogue in the United States. This information was confirmed by the star’s agent, without further details. The end of the alert? Not quite.

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Since leaving the set of ‘Back in Action’, which marked his on-screen reunion with Cameron Diaz nine years after Annie, Jamie Foxx’s entourage has remained tight-lipped about the exact nature of his “health accident”. Was it a heart attack? STROKE? According to TMZ, the actor was admitted in May to a Chicago facility specializing in the rehabilitation of patients with neurological disorders.

On June 28, an anonymous source told People that the actor was working hard to get back on his feet “but he’s not himself yet”. The day before, he was absent from the New York premiere of the sci-fi comedy They Cloned Tyrone, in which he stars alongside his young British co-star John Boyega.

“I know he has to face what he has to face, and I wish him the best,” the latter declared on the red carpet… While acknowledging that he hadn’t been on the phone since his hospitalization in April. “I’ve tried calling and I’ll try again. He’d better answer. Come on Jamie!”.

Despite this persistent medical mystery, Jamie Foxx continues to have projects on the go. In mid-May, the Fox network announced that the actor and his daughter Corinne would be co-presenting a new musical game show entitled “We are family”. In the vein of “Mask Singer”, the project won’t be on the air until early 2024. In the meantime, we should see him in several films already in the can. Back in action is one of them, since in his absence, director Seth Gordon used an understudy to complete the shots.

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