It’s a done deal for Kylian Mbappé, he announces live!

PSG are in serious trouble with their star player. Kylian Mbappé is refusing not only to extend his contract, but also to pack his bags this summer, despite the ultimatum set by his club. In a position of strength, the French international holds all the cards and has no intention of backing down, while Real Madrid are keeping an eye on the situation.

Have PSG been tricked into extending Kylian Mbappé’s contract? Just one year after the agreement reached on his new lease, the French international is once again making headlines in the sporting press, having informed his managers that he would not activate the option in his contract to extend for another year. This time, PSG are not prepared to take the risk of a free departure and want to settle the situation this summer, offering their player the option of extending his contract or packing his bags now. Two options that don’t suit Kylian Mbappé.

“Mbappé will be at PSG next season”

The tug-of-war has thus begun between PSG and Kylian Mbappé, who reportedly has no intention of reversing his position so that he can leave freely in a year’s time if he so wishes, heading for Real Madrid. In the striker’s mind, the soap opera is over. “I’ll tell you something tonight: Mbappé will be at PSG next season. Is that news? Yes,” Daniel Riolo told RMC on Monday. Even if they (the Parisian directors, editor’s note) go all the way and put Mbappé on the bench, Mbappé will stay at PSG. Mbappé is staying with PSG. He’s ready to accept this situation.

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“He won’t leave this year. He doesn’t want to leave this year”

“How did we arrive at this contractual situation? Who decided on this situation? What’s the way out today? There isn’t one,” continues Daniel Riolo, criticizing PSG’s strategy in this matter. The only way out, if PSG want to continue playing hardball, is to tell Mbappé that since he hasn’t extended his contract, and he won’t, he’ll have to sit on the bench all season. It’s July 10 and I don’t think Luis Enrique will have the same lemonade when it comes to building a team with or without Mbappé,” concluded the journalist. I’m not saying he can’t do it, a team can win without Mbappé. But we’re going to tell Luis Enrique that he has Mbappé in his squad but that he can’t play him. That’s the kind of film we’re being offered…”. The journalist concludes: “Mbappé doesn’t want to leave this year. He’s said it a thousand times, he’s not leaving this year. He doesn’t want to leave this year. So, for PSG, it would be a lost cause.

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