Togo: The Success Story of Lofty Farm, a Prosperous Fish farm

Lofty Farm in Togo is a prime example of entrepreneurial creativity in the heart of Africa, where fish farming is witnessing a phenomenal upsurge. Its success in the industry is matched only by its major contributions to job creation and sustainable growth in the nation.

Established in 2016 by the resourceful Pierrot Kokou Akapkovi, Lofty Farm has established a distinct position for itself within the fish farming industry, focusing on the production of tilapia, the most popular fish worldwide. The farm also contributes significantly to the manufacturing of fish feed, which maintains the organic and sustainable aspects of its activities.

Operating out of two key locations, Lofty Farm is located in AVEPOZO, just ten minutes from downtown Lomé, and in NANGBETO, next to the hydroelectric dam. The NANGBETO location is a multifunctional centre that includes a unit for the manufacture of fish feed, a state-of-the-art facility for processing and preserving fresh, frozen, and smoked fish, and a merchant fish production unit.

Lofty Farm stands out as an example of sustainable farming practises in the Togolese fish farming environment because of its persistent commitment to 100% organic fish production, which is one of the fundamental pillars of its success. This commitment represents the farm’s commitment to producing high-quality, nutritional fish and also coincides with the expanding global need for ecologically aware practises.

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Aside from producing an astounding 5000 tonnes of fish annually, Lofty Farm has been instrumental in helping Togo overcome its unemployment problems. With hundreds of employment created in a range of skill levels, from farm management and fish processing to administrative positions, the farm has grown to be a significant employer. In addition to giving local residents a means of subsistence, this job creation programme has aided in the region’s general economic growth.

Lofty Farm is a shining example of how strategic vision, sustainable practises, and a dedication to excellence can propel a venture to the forefront of a booming industry and positively impact many lives through meaningful employment opportunities, as the aquaculture sector continues to expand throughout Africa.

Lofty Farm Togo has not only grabbed the possibilities that have come its way in the ever-changing story of African aquaculture, but it has also raised the bar for effective, organic, sustainable fish farming, creating jobs and boosting the local economy. Aspiring business owners can draw inspiration from Lofty Farm’s narrative, which also demonstrates the transforming power of strategic vision in the face of an expanding industry.

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