Togolese Foreign Minister Robert Dussey: Bold Vision for Africa’s Global Role, a Message of Peace and Sovereignty

In a powerful and bilingual address to the United Nations General Assembly, Togo’s Foreign Minister Robert Dussey delivered a message that resonated far beyond the walls of the assembly hall.

With a deep sense of urgency, Minister Robert Dussey tackled a wide range of global issues, emphasizing the need for unity, peace, and Africa’s rightful place on the global stage. His words were a clarion call for change and a passionate plea for a better world, delivered in both French and English, symbolizing the importance of international communication and cooperation.

Minister Dussey began his speech by painting a stark picture of the world’s current state: “Our world is not in the best of health, it is deeply sick, and its state of pathology calls out to us.” This metaphorical diagnosis served as a poignant reminder of the global challenges we face, from pandemics to climate change, and the need for collective action, expressed eloquently in both languages.

Highlighting Togo’s proactive stance on security issues, Minister Dussey mentioned, “Togo has taken innovative, multi-sectoral measures contained in its strategy document to combat violent extremism.” This underscores Togo’s commitment to addressing the root causes of extremism through a holistic approach that involves various sectors of society, a message that reverberated in both French and English.


Turning his attention to the environment, Minister Dussey expressed hope for progress at COP28, saying, “We hope that COP28, scheduled to take place in Dubai in November this year, will see significant progress in the implementation of the commitments we have made.” Togo’s support for climate action reflects the urgency of tackling the global climate crisis.

Minister Dussey made it clear that Togo stands firmly for peace, stating, “Togo supports peace efforts in Africa.” He emphasized the importance of investing in peace, not war, and denounced external interventions that can exacerbate conflicts. “Togo is a country of peace, and Togo opposes war whatever the reasons,” he declared passionately.

Minister Dussey’s address carried a resounding call for African sovereignty and self-determination. He argued that external interference often fuels conflicts in Africa, asserting, “External interferences are conflict-generating and crisis-facilitating in Africa.” Africa, he emphasized, wants to control its destiny and no longer wishes to be overshadowed by external powers, a message that transcends language barriers.

In perhaps his most assertive statement, Minister Dussey declared, “This is a new era in Africa’s and South Global’s relations with the world, and Africa no longer intends to remain in the shadow of any great power in the new dynamic.” He emphasized that Africa seeks to be the master of its own fate and called for a paradigm shift in global interactions with the continent, echoing this sentiment.

Minister Dussey conveyed the frustration of Africa and the Global South, stating, “The people of Africa and the Global South are frustrated because they feel insulted and they feel dehumanized.” He challenged those who dismiss the voices and agency of these regions, reminding the world that Africa’s battles are its own, not those of the West or the East, making it clear in both official languages.

Watch the speech:

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