50 Cent Stays Loyal to Itzler’s Jet Company After Internship

In an Instagram post, Jesse Itzler shared that the rapper and businessman, 50 Cent, had previously served as an intern under him. Itzler’s website lists his successful ventures, including Marquis Jet, Zico Coconut Water, 29029 Everesting, and his ownership stake in the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks.

Itzler recounted the arrangement, explaining that he had a young aspiring boxer-rapper who wanted to gain business experience. They agreed that the aspiring artist would intern with Itzler, acquiring business knowledge in exchange for helping with jingle creation.

About a decade later, Itzler and 50 Cent’s paths crossed again as Itzler flew on one of his company’s planes, Marquis Jet. In a post, Itzler shared that he had the pilot write a note to 50 Cent, revealing his presence on the flight. This encounter led to 50 Cent including a clause in his contracts, specifying that he would exclusively travel with Marquis Jet, serving as a lesson in loyalty and the unpredictability of success.

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After Itzler’s social media post, 50 Cent confirmed the story’s accuracy on his own Instagram page, expressing fond memories of their past collaboration. Itzler responded appreciatively in the comments, recalling their remarkable shared experiences.

In addition, Itzler shared a second part of their story when they coincidentally met at an airport 20 years later. He initially doubted whether 50 Cent would remember him, but the rapper greeted him with a warm bear hug.

From 50 Cent’s Instagram post, it appears that he may be interested in reconnecting with Itzler, both on a personal level and potentially for future business endeavours. In an Instagram caption, 50 Cent indicated his desire to catch up with Itzler and acknowledged the authenticity of the story.

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