Yet Another Michael Jordan Collectible Fetches an Astonishing Price Tag

The cost of acquiring a piece of Michael Jordan memorabilia continues to reach astronomical heights. The latest item to go up for auction was a pair of sneakers worn by the basketball legend in only his fifth career game, and possibly even earlier.

Goldin Auctions recently listed these sneakers for bidding, with the highest bid reaching $520,000. The final price, including a buyer’s premium, amounted to $624,000. These sneakers are described by the auction house as having been worn not only in Jordan’s fifth NBA game but also just five days after he signed his historic endorsement deal with Nike.

Contrary to common belief, Michael Jordan did not debut in his iconic Jordan 1s; it was the Nike Air Ships that graced the court first, preceding the famous signature shoe we know today. To clarify, it’s the Air Ships that just fetched a six-figure price, and they bear Michael Jordan’s signature.


The original owner of the sneakers shared a story of how he acquired them, which can be found on the Goldin Auctions page. In short, he initially asked Jordan for the shoes before the game, to which the rookie initially declined due to their high value, but he had a change of heart after the game.

Interestingly, these sneakers have been sold at auction before, and for an even more astounding price of $1.47 million at Sotheby’s auction house in 2021. The reason for the significant drop in price this time around is a matter of speculation. It’s possible that the market has witnessed a surge of remarkable Michael Jordan collectibles in recent years, including record-breaking jersey and sneaker sales, as well as exceptionally rare tickets to his debut

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