Bassolma Bazié: France Continues to Influence the Blockade of Military Equipment Procured with the Efforts of Fellow Countrymen

In his speech at the United Nations podium on Saturday, September 23, 2023, Minister of State Bassolma Bazié addressed the issue of acquiring combat equipment.

Without mincing words, Bassolma Bazié expressed his frustration with France, which he accused of obstructing Burkina’s military equipment.

“In addition to aid cuts and the cancellation of agreements for the training of our Defense and Security Forces, we are witnessing the blockade of our military equipment ordered with the sweat of our compatriots, all at the instigation of France,” he revealed from the outset.

To substantiate his claims, he provided examples: “For instance, regarding the aerial assets necessary for territorial control and defense, we had a contract with Brazil, where the weapon license was supposed to come from Belgium, the targeting and navigation system from the United States, and an engine from Canada. These means are now deceitfully and cynically blocked,” lamented Bassolma Bazié.

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He called for the delivery of these military assets to ensure the security of the Burkinabé people, warning that failure to do so might make them responsible for failing to assist people in danger. “You speak about the defense of human rights at this UN podium, so I invite you to promptly deliver our weapons for the defense and protection of our suffering populations. In any case, you are solemnly seized of this matter. If nothing is done, history will hold you accountable for failing to assist people in danger,” he threatened.

From the UN podium, Bassolma Bazié celebrated the sacrifices of all patriots in the name of national interest. “I warmly salute the memory of all those who fell with weapons in hand. I commend the courage and integrity of those who are still alive and are steadfastly and sacrificially advancing toward the victory of our people and the safeguarding of our homeland,” he noted.

Full speech below:

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