Beyoncé: Her ‘Renaissance’ Tour haul has brought her very close to becoming a billionaire

Beyoncé ranks 48th on Forbes’ earlier this year list of the wealthiest American women who forged their own way.

Beyoncé’s enormous earnings from her Renaissance world tour have put her in position to become a billionaire. A recent estimate from Forbes magazine (paywalled) states that the singer’s net worth has increased to $800 million this year, an almost $300 million increase.

With an estimated net worth of $540 million, Queen Bey, 42, ranked No. 48 on the Financial Magazine’s annual list of the wealthiest American women who created their own way. Beyoncé’s 2023 earnings, particularly the projected $100 million (post-tax) she brought in from the Renaissance tour, were credited with the singer’s financial increase.

According to Forbes, the remaining financial windfall resulted from the magazine revising its earlier assessment of the singer’s song catalogue and art collection; the estimated value of the singer’s catalogue is currently approximately $300 million. Beyoncé’s personal assets, which she shares with her husband Jay-Z, and her commercial holdings in her Parkwood Entertainment organisation account for the remaining portion of her net worth.

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The couple’s real estate holdings, which include a $200 million mansion they purchased in June in Malibu, California, are assessed by Forbes to be worth $320 million. This property is thought to be the most expensive house in California history.

Forbes claims that Beyoncé’s tour, which took place from May to October and visited 39 cities in 17 countries, contributed significantly to her net worth. With $579 million in sales, the tour was one of the highest-grossing tours ever. The newly released Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé, which she wrote, directed, and produced, was another stream that made a contribution. Similar to Taylor Swift, Beyoncé negotiated a direct contract with AMC Theatres that excluded studio involvement and permitted a straight income split. Although official box office receipts are not yet known, the film brought in over $27 million globally during its first weekend of release.

Swift, who saw the Renaissance movie’s London premiere, also had a fantastic year. Forbes estimated in October that Taylor had become a billionaire, with her $190 million net (after taxes) from her successful Eras Tour. Swift praised Beyoncé’s intelligence and motivation in her TIME Person of the Year cover article, describing her as “a great disrupter of music-industry norms.” She imparted to all artists the knowledge of turning the tables and questioning outdated commercial methods.

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