Michael Jordan Becomes the First Athlete to Enter the Forbes Top 400 List

NBA – In the wake of the sale of the Charlotte Hornets, Michael Jordan secures a spot in Forbes Top 400 American fortunes, marking a historic achievement as the first athlete to do so.

Launched in 1982, Forbes’ Top 400 annually ranks the 400 wealthiest individuals in the United States. Until now, no professional athlete had ever made it onto this list. Until now…

With the sale of the Charlotte Hornets, a team he acquired for $275 million in 2010 and from which he divested a significant portion of his shares, valuing the team at a staggering $3 billion, Michael Jordan’s personal wealth has now surged to an estimated $3 billion, securing his spot within Forbes magazine’s prestigious Top 400 list.

According to Ted Leonsis, the owner of the Washington Wizards and a frequent collaborator with Michael Jordan, “Michael stands out as one of the rare individuals who has achieved success on three distinct occasions.” Leonsis elaborates that many entrepreneurs experience success only once, either enjoying a single remarkable achievement before retiring from the public eye or attempting a second venture that doesn’t yield the same results. In contrast, Jordan has achieved greatness on three fronts.


This includes his exceptional career as a professional basketball player, marked by both his sporting triumphs with the Chicago Bulls and Team USA, as well as his remarkable financial success, amassing a career earnings of $94 million.

A sum which may seem limited when you think of the current contracts signed in the Big League, but it’s worth remembering that, taking inflation into account, the $33 million he earned in his last season with the Bulls would represent almost double that ($62 million) today…

As a brand, since the development of “Air Jordan” in partnership with Nike is also a model of success, which has made the fortune of “His Airness”. And as the owner of a franchise, even if the Hornets never really shone on the court, since the financial return on investment was gigantic.

Michael Jordan thus continues to accumulate financial successes, as he was the first billionaire sportsman, with only Tiger Woods and LeBron James having since joined him on this tiny list.

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